The Amazing Spider-Man #82 – Review

In previous ‘Beyond’ issues, Peter Parker has been slowly recovering from radiation poisoning and at this point in the beyond storyline, he’s in a very weakened state and can barely remain consciou

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It’s been a busy few weeks for us here at Wow Comix’s online store, as we have upped sticks from our previous home at Wow Comix Bury and moved into the much more spacious Wow Comix Stretford!

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Killing Moon Vol. 1 Graphic Novel – Review

The latest incarnation of Killing Moon is a nostalgia trip for any fantasy enthusiast, but it’s also so much more than that. It’s a reimagining of a world, it’s an invitation to use and enjoy our own imaginations, it’s a series of great stories presented in a fun and unpretentious way.

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The Amazing Spider-Man #78 – Review

Overall, this issue is a little more chilled out than the past couple of books in the title, which no doubts makes sense considering we’ve had a constant stream if non-stop actions and thrills so it’s nice to finally get a little downtime.

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Alien #4 – Review

This is very much a comic that takes place in the same universe as the early Aliens but it isn’t a story that is chained to their lore; the references are there for lovers of the franchise but they are like sprinkles of connection rather than heavy investment.

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Pokemon Collectors Blog

Say Cheese! My First Time Playing The Original 1999 Pokemon Snap

Being a rookie Pokemon Snap player with a retrospective view has also given me the notion that it was really quite ahead of its time in several ways, particularly when involving the art of photography in a setting within the Pokemon world. I’m sure nobody involved in the project at the time could have predicted that 17 years later 2016’s Pokemon Go would have millions of people collecting and taking photographs of Pokemon in different locations all over the world!

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