What Exactly Is Wow Comix World?

It is part of what makes comic shops so great across the world, the enthusiasm, anticipation, and of course on occasion, disbelief that is shared between total strangers over both new and old material…

Throwback Review – Batman #445 – March 1990

Batman goes to Russia to help the Moscow police commissioner catch The NKVDemon, protégé of The KGBeast, who is out for revenge against those who betrayed his master…

Batman #110 Review

The pairing of artist, Jorge Jimenez, with colourist, Tomeu Morey, works wonders in bringing Tynion’s compelling study on societal fear to life…

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Harley Quinn #1 Review

Phillips does an incredible job of showing us a complicated, multi-faceted character, that has too often been played for laughs at the expense of some real depth. Here, she is angry, smart, compassionate, violent and, yes, funny…

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The Swamp Thing #4 Review

Grasping hands, plant cells and dark ambiguity fill the cover of ‘My Green Amaranthine Part 2’.  It’s a wonderfully atmospheric piece of art which mirrors the tone of the comic within…

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The Amazing Spider-man #70 Review

Spencer’s final story is about to explode into the stratosphere and this issue is drenched in pure anticipation and fast paced, action packed artwork that is sure to entice readers into Spidey’s biggest threat yet…

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X-Men #1 Review

This new start for the flagship title acts as a refreshing pallet cleanser for those who like their X-Men action ripped straight out of the Claremont era or even the classic ‘90s cartoon…

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Detective Comics #1038 Review

Fans of The Penguin will be pleased to know that the nefarious birdman is starting to rear up as a key player in this story. Again, it’s not exactly clear how he’s going to figure in to the plans of Hue Vile, but he will undoubtedly have his own agenda.

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Action Comics #1032 Review

Colours from Adriano Lucas are just as striking as the cover and deliver page after page of spectacle.  There are some huge moments in this issue, and they are executed with style.

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The Amazing Spider-man #68 Review

This is the second part of the “chameleon conspiracy” so I wouldn’t advise readers to begin catching up on Spider-man with this issue, but if you’re a regular then this issue is better than its predecessor by a long shot.

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Pokemon Plushies: The Cutest, The Cuddliest and The Most Collectable

With so many Pokemon in existence now it would probably be quite difficult to list every single Pokemon plushie that has been produced, so in this article I will be having a look at a selection of the most notable and adorable Pokemon plushie lines that have found their way into the collections of Pokefans throughout different periods of the franchise

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