Written by: Charles Soule
Art: Ramon Rosanas

Released: 16/06/21
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Since the start of the War of the Bounty Hunters event (a massive 34-part epic that stretches across multiple Star Wars titles) the one main character that we haven’t seen much of is the one that would seem to be the most natural lead for this arc. That’s not to say that what has come out so far hasn’t been superb, but a certain roguish, double-crossing smuggler has been conspicuous by his absence for the last couple of issues. Star Wars #14 changes all that as Lando Calrissian finally enters the fray and cuts just as dashing and devilish a figure as always.

As this run takes place after The Empire Strikes Back, Lando has been the perfect replacement for Han Solo in the regular team, filling his shoes as the wildcard element of the Rebellion – not entirely dedicated to the cause, sceptical of the Force and Luke’s Jedi path and potentially ready to turn tail and run at any moment if there’s something in it for him. In fact, Soule has taken this one step further, with Calrissian a few issues deep into (seemingly) a plot to betray Luke, Leia and co. once again. Even with the knowledge of Lando’s part in later films, this has proven an intriguing for the creatives to pull at, not least because Charles Soule’s writing and Ramon Rosanas’ art still make it impossible to dislike Calrissian, bringing all the natural charm of Billy Dee Williams himself to the page.

Lando is at the heart of this issue for more reasons than just his dodgy machinations, though. He is still desperately searching for a way to help a newly mute and seemingly semi-brain dead Lobot recover his humanity. This scenario led to one of the most nail-bitingly tense moments of the run so far a handful of issues back and it looks set to continue to create some complex character moments, allowing Soule to show that Lando does in fact care about someone other than himself…possibly.


Leia’s continued quest to find Han against all odds, Lando’s intrigues in the bowels of the Millennium Falcon, a beautifully drawn and laid out chase sequence and a bumpy landing all work together wonderfully to put our heroes on a collision course with the other players in what is turning out to be an incredibly entertaining event so far.

Review by Nathan Harrison, 22/06/2021

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