Thanks to our new team of writers we now have a ‘News & Reviews’ section integrated here on called Wow Comix World!
This is to include new monthly comic reviews from some of the hottest titles around, as well as some throwback articles, series overviews, indie comic exposé’s and news surrounding our offers and products both in store and online.

We hope this will become handy for some of you when searching out something new to get into, or simply perhaps just to read out of pure curiosity!

As our stores were closed through the recent lockdowns, one of the many things we realized our new website could not replace was the great feeling we as staff get from hearing your opinions having a short chat over your most recent comic pickups. It is part of what makes comic shops so great across the world, the enthusiasm, anticipation, and of course on occasion disbelief, that is shared between total strangers over both new and old material is usually part of what makes working in a comic shop so great, and we have witnessed many of our customers engaging in fun debates while digging though the back issue boxes and we know that some of you have even met in our stores and are friends to this day! Well, what better place to meet a fellow comic fan than a comic book store!

An actual picture of the Wow Comix Staff outside our Stretford store.

So as you can tell, we love ourselves some comics, and all of the debates and analysis that comes with being amongst this great community of readers, creators and collectors. We are really delighted to have this addition to the website so that it can try and bring a little of that ‘Wow Comix community feeling’ here with all of the features and reviews on the way. Feel free to comment away!

Our reviews are done by a team of comic fans and writers with a wide range of reading backgrounds. Some have been reading comics for decades, others are diving back in after some time away and some are even pretty new to it all. We wanted to approach it from all angles so that our review section reflects you, the readers, both old and new!

Soon we will be putting up some new features surrounding some of your favorite franchises, including interviews with some very special guests, and as much big news as we can keep up with surrounding our website, stores and the wider comic world, so make sure you are subscribed to our newsletters and following our various socials to stay in the loop!

To close, we just want to say thankyou to all of you who has been following our journey here online, its great to hear so much positivity towards our ever expanding ventures and we hope that you continue to enjoy the future content we have planned here on both and Wow Comix World!

“The ‘Amazing’ Can Only Be Created By Facing Fear, Risk, And Failure During The Process.”


SUPERMAN (1999), art by George Perez, colored by Tom Smith. from Jeff Dyer at WIZARD WORLD, CHICAGO 1999

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    I was lucky enough to be invited to review comics on behalf of Wow Comix. It’s been a huge amount of fun, being able to share my love of comics and all they have to offer. This is a post from the guys over at Wow Comix, explaining their aims and hopes going forward. Please give them your support. Many thanks, Andy.

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