If you’re new to the world of the Pokemon Trading Card Game and you’re looking for a fun and easy way to learn how to play, or you’re a collector who wants to get in on the fun and use your cards to put a deck together and have some exciting battles, then look no further!

Currently set for release in March this year, Pokemon Battle Academy 2022 is a brand new version of last year’s enormously successful Battle Academy set, which brought the Pokemon TCG into a board game setting, perfect for teaching players of all ages the basics of the game. While last year’s Battle Academy set gave players ready-built decks based around Pikachu, Charizard and Mewtwo, the 2022 version gives players the opportunity to learn to play the game with new decks based around the fiery Cinderace and the ever-popular Eevee (and of course Pikachu is still right at the centre of it all with his own deck also featuring in this updated set).

As well as three complete sixty card decks, Battle Academy also comes with tutorial guides/rule books for each deck, a good sturdy game board with all the gameplay areas clearly marked out and plenty of damage counters so you can make sure your opponent knows when an attack lands!

The Pikachu and Cinderace rulebooks contains the basic rules to the game whereas the Eevee rulebook contains more advanced rules and tips/tricks, so once you’ve learned the basics you can build upon your skills and start getting on board with more complex strategies, which makes the set a great choice for both adult and younger players. Once you’ve got the rules to the game down you’ll be able to start putting together a deck featuring your favourites from your own card collection, and with the TCG community being such an active and exciting part of the Pokemon fandom (both online and in-person), it’s definitely worth giving the game a shot and seeing if you’ve got what it takes to become a Pokemon Master!

Article from Emily Carney

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