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That’s right folks, if you didn’t know already, we here at Wow Comix LOVE British Comics! And we know we are far from alone, as so many of you have previously attended our Beano days at one of our stores before, it was always a no-brainer to do something like it again! So here it is, Saturday, 20th of August! Mark it down!

British Comic Fest is a free-to-the-public Comic Convention presented by Wow Comix Event in association with the Merseyway Shopping Centre. There will be free activities, trader stalls, and a chance to meet artists and writers from the nation’s favorite comics!

To keep up with the goings-on in the lead-up to the event, make sure you are following our socials! In particular, our events page for the British Comic Fan Fest, Which you can find here!, our Wow Comix Stockport Facebook page! and you can get further updates from Wow Comix World on Facebook and Twitter!

Let’s take a look at who we have announced so far!

Nigel Parkinson

Well, we could not have a British Comics Fan event without Nigel Parkinson could we?!

Nigel is of course the very popular artist of Dennis The Menace and we are delighted to announce he will be attending Beano Fan Fest in August.

If you are looking for a unique gift how about some original artwork from a British comics legend!

Lew Stringer

Come along and meet Lew Stringer. Lew is one of the legends of the British comic industry, having produced hundreds of fantastic cartoon strips in a career spanning four decades. His work has regularly appeared in Beano and Dandy. Lew is also the creator of such fondly remembered characters as Combat Colin (for Marvel UK) and Brickman.

Laura Howell

We are pleased to announce that appearing at British Fan Fest is Laura Howell.

In 2006 Laura became the first woman to draw for the Beano and is currently the artist in charge of everyone’s favorite pigtailed powerhouse, Minnie the Minx. She has also drawn and written for many publications including Viz, The Dandy and comic adaptations of Angry Birds.

Steve Yeowell

We are absolutely delighted to announce that British Comics legend Steve Yeowell will be joining us for British Comic Fest on Saturday 20 August.

Steve’s first professional work was with Grant Morrison on licensed toy series “Zoids” in the pages of Marvel UK weekly Spiderman and Zoids before moving on to 2000AD where he drew the superhero series Zenith. He has also worked on Judge Dredd, Sinister Dexter and many other strips for 2000AD.

His American work includes Batman, Legends of the Dark Knight for DC Comics, where he has also drawn among others The Atom and The Invisibles. For Marvel he drew Skrull Kill Krew.

Nika Nartova

We are very pleased to say that artist Nika Nartova will be joining British comic Fan Fest. Nika regularly works as the colourist on Dennis The Menace as well as Beano covers and various other strips in the comic.

Nika is based in Liverpool and has worked as colourist for Nigel Parkinson for over 15 years. Come along and see her super fast colouring style at work.

Marc Jackson

Joining Beano Fan Fest is the creator of Beano character Lenny The Lettuce, our good friend Mr Marc Jackson.

Marc is well known to many within the comic industry and fandom for his many quirky characters, his work on Beano, and as an undiscovered rap star!!

Marc is also the creative mind behind Macc-Pow comic arts festival which will be happening soon. Check the Macc-Pow pages for full details of guests and events and start times.

Brian M. Clark and John JJ Jackson

Come and meet the wonderful Brian m. Clark and John Jackson, who are the guys behind The Mancunian, Manchester’s very own superhero! They will be launching the latest issue and have done a wonderful surprise comic strip just for us. See below!

We have more announcements on the way so keep one eye open! We also have some trader tables available! If you would like to book one, please email info@wowcomix.com!

Hopefully we will see you there!

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