Starting today, ANY comic order made on our website entitles you to a free mystery comic! HUZAR!

This can be from a major publisher such as Marvel and DC or independent. Could be new, could be vintage. Either way, we make sure the extra comic you receive is one that is likely to be of interest to you and is in good enough condition to consider keeping should you be a collector! Yes, so no rubbish! We oversee every part of your order to make sure it’s up to a standard we would expect ourselves, including the free gifts!

When we say any comic order, we mean it! No restrictions on the price or order totals, ALL comic orders are eligible until the end of the month (August the 31st)

Free gifts will not show up at the checkout as they will be automatically attached to any comic order. If you don’t want your free comic (what madness is this?!) then just let us know in the order comments and we will make sure not to include one!

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