Overheard in our shops on occasion is the notion that football fans don’t read comics. Well, perhaps not quite as much these days, but to say the two are not heavily linked would be to show an incredible lack of understanding about one of the key elements that assisted the growth of the sport’s general popularity in this country. Anybody with half an interest in the globe’s most popular sport even recently will have grown up seeing those Panini sticker albums on supermarket shelves, or in even more recent times witnessed somebody trading the very popular Match Attax cards. Well back in the day, believe it or not, there was even more of this stuff back in the day. loads more! Fanzines, programs, cigarette cards, postcards, figurines, magazines, pin badges, pull-out posters, and of course the comics!

So we thought we would celebrate this bond by putting together a unique grab-bag that provides you with a range of brilliant memories from some of Britain’s most famous fictional (and not) sporting comic characters, titles, and collectables! If you want to know a little more about the subject, check out our great interview with Barrie Tomlinson! Mr. Roy of the Rovers!

So what is in the Classic Sports Grab-Bag?

A perfect gift for any sports fan who grew up through the 70s, 80s, and 90s, or a keen comic collector looking to fill out their collections, this themed bundle contains x5 popular vintage British comics and x2 vintage mystery gifts. 

Comics range from Roy of the Rovers, Scorcher, Tiger, and many more classics! The mystery gifts are vintage too, and items that many people will have perhaps been familiar with. You may receive a sticker album, trading cards, matchday memories, magazines, or even the occasional bit of autographed signed memorabilia! These are not themed to any particular team and are simply a general celebration of the classic sporting print of Britain’s past. 

Items are of course used and occasionally can contain defects such as minor damage or pen marks. Despite this, we do aim to present material that is suitable for readers and collectors.


Grab a matchday read, and pick up a Classic Sports Grab Bag by following this link!

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