There’s always a strong demand for Harley comics these days, and no wonder! When this 30th anniversary special landed on the desk this week the one thing that immediately stuck me, beyond the sheer amount of talent that’s worked on this bumper issue, was just how diverse the collection of stories are. Harley is one of those characters that gives the writer a ridiculous amount of options as to what kind of story they can tell, and this issue shows that off in style! This is a gem for any fan or collector!

Check out the trailer below!

Head over to and grab a copy while stocks last!

You are cordially invited to an oversize extravaganza celebrating the Clown Princess of Crime’s 30th birthday in this fantabulous special! That’s right-Harley Quinn turns 30 in absolute style and has invited a squad of her old creative pals to join her with a killer lineup of amazing stories!

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