Are you a budding comic artist, or a creative genius in disguise? We are looking for a brand new monster of your own creation that you think would make for a scary comic book character! Submit your design into our Stockport or Bury store this October and you could win big!

Have you ever thought Darth Vader would look a bit scarier with devil horns whilst riding a giant werewolf? Perhaps you think the Demogorgon’s from Stranger Things could use a cosmetic upgrade? Maybe Frankenstein’s monster would be more imposing with spider legs? Maybe, just maybe the coolest, scariest monster ever hasn’t been conjured up yet?! This is where you come in…

All that it takes to enter is a sheet of A4 and a pen, pencil or paintbrush, and your imagination! Then just drop the results into one of our shops in Stockport or Bury! We are keeping it real folks, no online submissions this time round and anyone of any age is welcome to enter!

There will be three winners and three main prizes to be won:

– For those aged 12 years and under, the prize is an awesome mystery kids comic hamper containing new and vintage Marvel and DC books, action figures and video games!

– For everybody else, the prize is one of our loaded Wow Comix Mega Bags and a £25 voucher for!

– As an extra prize, we will pick ONE entry which, with your permission, will go on to be immortalized as the permanent mascot of our main websites horror section!

All you have to do is pop your name, age, and contact details on the back of the drawing and then hand it in to one of our staff members at Wow Comix Bury or Stockport by October 31st. Then all you need do is sit and wait until we pick the winners on the Wow Comix World Facebook Page! Its that simple! Whats more, all entries will, at the end, be sent a special one-time-use discount code for the website as a thankyou for entering!

Here are the rules!

– Must be an original creation, although the character can be ‘inspired’.
– Can be black and white or coloured, penciled or painted. Your choice!
– No ‘adult’ content. You know what we mean.
– Must be submitted on a sheet of white A4 with your name, age, and contact details on the back.
– No online entries, In-store submissions only
– Must be handed into the Wow Comix Stockport or Bury store by October the 31st.
– Once the competition is over, you may retrieve your drawing should you wish.

Wow Comix Stockport.

Winners will be announced on Novemeber 5th and entries will be judged on creativity first and foremost, with quality and effort within the work taken into consideration also. Your character can be funny-scary, goofy-scary, serious-scary or even scary-scary! The most important thing however is that you have fun in doing it and let your imagination run wild. We can’t wait to see what everybody comes up with!

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