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About Us

Welcome to Wow Comix, your friendly neighborhood comic book shop run by a group of folk with a keen interest in super heroes, Marvel & DC comics, Sci Fi and all things related. We are based in Greater Manchester with shops in Bury, Stretford and Stockport. We started this part of our business back in 2014 at comic conventions but over the years it has grown to three shops and we like to think we offer something a little different in our area by offering a wide range of material, primarily focused of course around lots of comic and film related goodness. Why not come in and check out our stores!

We now also have great new website, which plays host to all our brand new comic release’s, news and many other new and vintage items.

The website is in fact two…

www.wowcomix.com – Is our main site and hosts the shop, our contact details and shop information.

www.wowcomixworld.com – Is our new blog which we run store news, comic features, previews and reviews, as well as some of the big news coming out of the comic industry going forward.

To see in more detail why we set up our blog, please see our recent post ‘What Exactly Is Wow Comix World’ but in the simplest of terms its to help keep a little bit of the old comic store enthusiasm and community that we find daily in our stores alive and well here online..

Our writers and reviewers come from a range of comic reading backgrounds, most being regular visitors to the stores themselves, and we will adding more information on them, and how you yourself could become a part of the Wow Comix writing team shorty!

Wow Comix store news and the occasional features or previews will be written by Wow Comix Staff but reviews, opinion pieces and most original features will handled by our independent writing team.

So remember, the writers views may not always reflect the views of the trading company Wow Comix itself!

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